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Choosing A Better Food Supplier

After struggling for months with poor food vendors, we realized that we needed to start shopping around for a new food supplier. I knew that our restaurant was only as good as the food that we served, so we started meeting with different vendors and trying to tell what set them apart. After meeting with several different businesses, we were really impressed with one supplier that really knew their stuff. This blog is all about what to look for in a food supplier and how to avoid problems with poor quality foodservice and ingredients. You never know, some of this advice could make your restaurant truly special.


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A Taste Of The Tropics: Popular Coconut Dishes From Around The World

Coconut is a meaty fruit that can be found growing from tall palm trees in many tropical locations. This unique natural wonder is used to make everything from delicious milk in soups and other dishes to sweet, decadent desserts. Whether you're a big fan of coconut flavors or you've never really given it a try, discover these unique ways in which coconut is used in popular dishes and treats around the world.

Steamed Coconut Dumplings

This popular dish originated in Malaysia and includes the meat from the coconut as well as sugars refined from the fruit. The two coconut ingredients are mixed together and then fried in a shallow pan. Rice and flour are mixed together and kneaded into a dough, and the coconut ingredients are combined with it and stuffed into banana leaves. The leaves are steamed, leaving a soft, chewy mixture of rice and coconut that is a popular snack in this country served before meals or even as a dessert.

Coconut Patties

Hailing from the state of Florida, coconut patties are a treasured sweet treat. The patties are made of shredded coconut meat mixed with sugar or other flavors like pineapple for an interesting twist. The chewy coconut patties are then dipped in milk or dark chocolate until cooled. Dark chocolate is a definite favorite. When ready to eat, coconut patties are a chewy, delicious candy that's very popular with Floridians and all Americans. These delectable treats can be found online or purchased in areas like Hawaii or Florida in gift shops and grocery stores.

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Fish And Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is used to steam foods and it's also boiled into soups as a thickening agent in many countries. The island of Fiji prepares a popular dish of cubed fish cooked in coconut milk. The fish is simmered for several minutes in the milk until fully cooked, and then ingredients like shredded carrot, spring onions, and Chinese cabbage are added to give the dish extra texture. Cooking the fish in coconut milk gives it an added layer of flavor that's very popular in this island nation.

Coconut Curry Chicken

Curry is a popular dish in countries like India. Coconut curry chicken is a spicy dish that's very popular, and the coconut helps to calm the spiciness of the curry down a bit. Chicken is cooked in cubes or strips after being seasoned with curry powder and cooked in ghee, an Indian butter. Coconut milk is then added to give the dish a creamy base. Coconut is such a versatile food that it can be used in sweet and savory dishes alike, and it's no wonder this amazing fruit is beloved by people all over the world.