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Choosing A Better Food Supplier

After struggling for months with poor food vendors, we realized that we needed to start shopping around for a new food supplier. I knew that our restaurant was only as good as the food that we served, so we started meeting with different vendors and trying to tell what set them apart. After meeting with several different businesses, we were really impressed with one supplier that really knew their stuff. This blog is all about what to look for in a food supplier and how to avoid problems with poor quality foodservice and ingredients. You never know, some of this advice could make your restaurant truly special.


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How Fat-Burning Coffee Can Help Promote Weight Loss

Coffee may hold the secret to losing weight for some people. Some types of coffee have been formulated specifically to promote weight loss naturally, and people may have an easier time shedding the extra pounds if they drink more coffee without being excessive in their coffee consumption. Here are a few ways that fat-burning coffee can help people lose weight.

Boost Metabolism

Coffee can increase the body's metabolic rate so that food can be turned into energy faster instead of being stored as fat. More of the fatty acids that are stored in fat cells can be removed and expelled from the body through urination when metabolism is increased, which can help speed up weight loss. The body can produce more heat as it digests coffee through a process known as thermogenesis, and this process can also boost the metabolism to essentially burn more calories. Some fat-burning coffees are also infused with green tea extract to further increase the body's metabolism. 

Produce a Natural Diuretic Effect 

One of the best ways to decrease water weight through urination is to drink fat-burning coffee for its mild diuretic effect. This diuretic effect can increase the need to urinate without causing dehydration. Decaffeinated fat-burning coffee K-Cup pods can produce an even milder diuretic effect for people who want less of the effect but are still trying to lose some of their water weight.

Increase Energy

People who drink coffee regularly often feel more energized and may be likelier to engage in fitness activities to promote additional weight loss. Fat-burning coffee can make people feel more awake and less sluggish by increasing the body's dopamine and norepinephrine production. The caffeine that caffeinated coffee contains can provide other temporary bursts of energy that may encourage people to work out even more to lose weight.

Help Satisfy Hunger Between Meals

In addition to burning fat, fat-burning coffee K-Cup pods can help people feel fuller until their next meals so that more weight can be lost. Many of the best fat-burning coffees are low in calories and can help the stomach stay fuller to prevent hunger pangs. Some of these coffees also come in tantalizing flavors like French vanilla to help satisfy a sweet tooth without as many calories.

Losing some weight may be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee more often. Fat-burning coffee K-Cup pods are easy to brew and can help many people reach their goal weights with greater success. To learn more, contact companies like Fit and Focused Products.