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Choosing A Better Food Supplier

After struggling for months with poor food vendors, we realized that we needed to start shopping around for a new food supplier. I knew that our restaurant was only as good as the food that we served, so we started meeting with different vendors and trying to tell what set them apart. After meeting with several different businesses, we were really impressed with one supplier that really knew their stuff. This blog is all about what to look for in a food supplier and how to avoid problems with poor quality foodservice and ingredients. You never know, some of this advice could make your restaurant truly special.


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2 Ways Eating New Zealand Manuka Honey Can Promote Gut Health

If you have been searching for an alternative way to sweeten your food and beverages besides sugar or artificial sweeteners, you may have come across information about Manuka honey. Processed specifically from bees that have fed from the nectar of the Manuka tree in New Zealand, this special honey is touted as being deliciously sweet.

However, this honey is more than a simple sweetener, since it also reportedly has certain health properties, especially in regard to gastrointestinal (GI) health. Below are a couple of the ways that Manuka honey can help to promote a healthy gut. 

1. Classification as a Prebiotic Means It Helps Support the Beneficial Bacteria in Your GI Tract

One way that Manuka honey can help improve the health of your GI tract is that it is classified as a prebiotic. The job of a prebiotic is to create a thriving environment in which healthy bacteria known as probiotics can thrive within your stomach and intestines.

Healthy gut bacteria provide a first line of defense against germs that may enter the body in the food that you eat. Without it, you could end up very ill from food poisoning, causing severe diarrhea and vomiting. 

As part of its job as a prebiotic, the fructooligosaccharides that are produced by Manuka honey contribute to a nourishing environment. This environment helps to feed the good bacteria so that they may do their job fighting off the bad.

2. Anti-inflammatory Properties May Help Protect Against and Promote the Healing of Stomach Ulcers

Another way that Manuka honey can promote better gut health is that it may aid in the prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers. Many times, ulcers are caused by weak areas in the lining of your stomach that are attacked by bacteria known as H. pylori. 

With its anti-inflammatory and prebiotic properties, the honey helps to fend off ulcers by coating and soothing the inflammation of the stomach lining. It may also fight off the H. pylori bacteria, promoting healing as it prevents further damage to the gastric lining.

If you are looking for an alternative sweetener that also has added benefits, you should consider giving Manuka honey a try. Not only does it serve as a prebiotic that supports the good bacteria in your gut, but it could also help your body prevent and fight off bad bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.

If you are interested in trying it, contact a company like Hokitika Honey & Herb Co.